Carl is an Elf Ranger and one of the groups original members.

Alias: Carl Basangale – Surname means Staining Sorrow in Elven

Proper Identity: Vex’Celedur Amalith


My name is “Carl Basangale”, a Wood Elf from a small village in the High Forests known as Hollowlyn. I’m 142 years old, and I favor a long bow. I have spent the last 63 years wandering various forests in an attempt to find what had happened as a result of the Crown Wars that tore my home apart all those years ago. The Seldarine have watched over me thankfully, and I was able to survive those 63 years on my own. The information I was searching for, however, escaped me over the course of my travels, and now I have decided to pursue paths that I may see as more…uncomfortable for a Wood Elf. Apologies if I am curt or standoffish: it has been 63 years since I last traveled with anyone.


The shame of my family is the Wild Elf that we hail from that went by the name Talindra Amalith. She helped lead a crusade with the Eldreth Veluuthra to prevent outside races from entering the Elven Court, and on a broader scale, fight to remove all humans from Faerûn. Despite the fact that she has left this stain on my family, we were this shame proudly. In Elven circles, the name “Amalith” brings one of two reactions: from Half-Elves and High Elves, a look of disdain, and from Drow and Wood Elves a look of pride. I serve to work harder for Elven and Human kind, so that I can make the name “Amalith” mean more than this scourge of a woman wrought on my family.

Due to the eclipsing nature that is my familial inheritance, my family moved to the small village of Hollowlyn before I was born, as the smaller settlements within the High Forests have been so separated that this ancestry has not been shown. When my family entered the village, they dawned the name Basangale, as it means Staining Sorrow, the shadow that had been cast on our family due to this fact. We lived in this village peacefully, without anything of consequence occurring until I was 25. Hollowlyn has a tradition: in the process of maturing, all Elves receive a tattoo with the mark of Solonor Thelandira on the back of the hand used to stabilize their bow: this acts as a visual reminder of the tenants of the deity: the focus of the hunt is to choose targets carefully, and work for those who would help protect the beauty of the land. This includes solely hunting for sustenance, and helping ensure species prosper.

When I reached the age of 47, my parents departed from the village, following the news that a new Coronal had taken the throne in the Elven Court. They did not tell me why they left, but I know why: in the comfort of our home, they would often explain the stain left on our real name by our ancestor, and how we need to work to better Elves. I know now that they left in an attempt to better the Elves. I stayed for that sleepy village learning the wisdom and culture of the Elves, until I reached the age of 79, when I felt the call to return to solitude. I encountered several villages that discussed the rise of a new settlement, one that was designed to take the place of Eaerlann which fell all those years ago. I do not know what became of my parents.

I wandered those woods by myself for the next 63 years. I convinced myself that I was searching for the lost settlement of Spiel so that I could study with those Professors that have been praised by so many. This was not the case, however. I had to come to terms with the fact that I was searching for my parents, and that even today, when I am setting out on this adventure, that I still hunger for the information of what had happened to my parents, and whether or not they were still alive somewhere in the mists of the Dark Woods.