Has always been an oddball adventurer, consistently leaving for long periods and then returning with amazing stories of valor. No one in the halfling town seems to appreciate his stories more than young Quiet, who idolized his Uncle and wanted to one day have adventures of his own.

On his travels he scammed the wrong person and acquired a curse. On returning home he released that the curse not only affected him, but the entire Fumblefoot Clan. Even though it pained him to do so Fester set off the try to break the curse. After much searching he was able to find the person who cursed him, but instead of breaking the curse, he was defeated and as punishment Fester was transformed into an Orc…

Fester is too ashamed to return to his family until he breaks the curse. He is still coming to grips with his new large body, still trying to be sneaky and using small weapons and armor.

FUMBLEFOOT CLAN: The FumbleFoots are notorious within the Halfling community for their extreme clumsiness and bad luck that seemed to afflict the entire family. It was this bad luck that led to the early deaths of each member of the clan, all dying from freak accidents. This stream of bad luck did not begin affecting the family after Quiets’ Uncle (Fester FumbleFoot), returned to the family after a particularly long quest.