Garn Quartzbeard was a battle hardened somewhat sociopathic greybeard Dwarf Fighter. Born to the Quartzbeard clan of the Stone Reach mines. From Birth he was bred and encouraged to fight with the light of the Dawi forges and the power of Moradin's hammer. Garns amazing strength and rash decision making showed at a very young age. This was recognized by his father Luthor Quartzbeard, Commander of the Dawi army. Due to his lust for fighting and his incredible feats shown in small skirmish this made him an excellent addition to the tunnel Brigades. The Tunnel Brigades were an elite group of dwarven fighter that would protect and hold the Deep tunnels (underdark tunnels) of the Dawi Mines. Many battles have been fought in these tunnels and all have been victorious due to the "Tunnel Breakers".Garn eventually led The Tunnel Breakers in his old age. He was known to shout out during the heat of battle to boost morale and strike fear in the enemy. One account was taken from Werner Ironfoot a Tunnel Breaker who served in the Drow Battle of Emerald deep. According to Ironfoot, The Drow forces blockaded the tunnel by pushing hundreds of Drow infantry lines to plug the tunnel. Garn and his Tunnel Breakers charged the lines while Garn shouted "swing your axes until you hit the back wall of the Tunnel! When you hit the back wall reach for your pick axes and tunnel to the white haired bastards home! Kill 'Em All!". That marked a day in history where the nearest drow city of Charrvhel'raugaust was infiltrated and burned to the ground.

He was the only son of Luthor Quartzbeard and father to his adopted son Thruum Quartzbeard.

Best friend of Wallace Hammerfall.

Death: Garn sacrificed himself to collapse the main mineshaft in the Dwarven Holdfast to stop the Dueger invasion and save his friends and family.