Jeanine Gellman is a monk with a mysterious past. It is rumored that she once lived a very ordinary life in a far off land, with a husband and several children, but no one has ever been able to confirm this. For the last 15 years Jeanine has lived as a nomad. She spent most of her travels working as a hired hand on merchant ships or working dock security at one of the many ports she briefly called home.

At some point in her travels, she became devoted to a monastic tradition of unarmed martial arts and is now a formidable fighter.

After years of sailing around the realm Jeanine decided to leave her nautical life behind and begin wandering on land. Without saying a word to any of her crewmates, who were the closest things she had to friends, Jeanine disembarked in Whisperwind Harbor. She had no possessions, just the clothes she was wearing and a small coin purse.

While wandering through Newarda Jeanine encountered a group of

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