Finwrick Fumblefoot AKA Quiet

Quiet is the youngest and only known surviving member of the FumbleFoot clan.

FUMBLEFOOT CLAN: The FumbleFoots are notorious within the Halfling community for their extreme clumsiness and bad luck that seemed to afflict the entire family. It was this bad luck that led to the early deaths of each member of the clan, all dying from freak accidents. This stream of bad luck did not begin affecting the family after Quiets? Uncle (Fester FumbleFoot), returned to the family after a particularly long quest.

Fester FumbleFoot: Had always been an oddball adventurer, consistently leaving for long periods and then returning with amazing stories of valor. No one in the halfling town seems to appreciate his stories more than young Quiet, who idolized his Uncle and wanted to one day have adventures of his own. Once the Bad Luck set in and the family members began dying off Fester fled, many presume him dead.

After the demise of his family, Quiet tried to continue to live the halfling life, but couldn't shake to craving to escape the entrapments of the town he had grown up in and venture out to create his own stories, like the ones his uncle had told him all those years ago. Deep down, he also hopes to find his Uncle alive and find out more about the curse of bad luck that eradicated the FumbleFoot clan.

Curse of the FumbleFoots: The curse that led to the untimely deaths of the FumbleFoots seems to strengthen with age. Since Quiet was the youngest member of his family by far he has not yet succumb to the curse, but is still afflicted by it. He has come close to death many times and will often slip up when things matter most. His hope is that if he can find his uncle, he may be able to break the curse.

**Lost his left eye when the Eye of the Spider was removed by Dür**